ken headshot

Ken Gualtieri, Lead Vocal/Guitar

Ken Gualtieri writes most of the songs  Although primarily a singer/songwriter Ken also does things on an acoustic guitar you wouldn’t believe: percussive slapping, claw hammer, two hand tapping, things you just don’t normally do to an acoustic instrument.  His unique style can be viewed at an Little Green Shack show, or on his Youtube channel where he posts some more acoustical versions of his songs.

doug shot

Doug Nussbaum, Lead Guitar
Doug Nussbaum plays lead guitar.  Sometimes he plays really fast when the song is mid tempo, or soulfully slow when the band is in double time. He might play jazz modes in a reggae song or heavy metal licks over and easy ballad. He’s always pushing musical boundariesDoug dreams in Phrygian Dominant and once held a legato run for three days (sources unconfirmed)… but he is also polite and soft spoken, and he makes a great drink, so the rest of the band is happy to have him around.


Eric Schmidt, Drums/Bass
People call Eric Schmidt “Hippy”…but he doesn’t like that. Perhaps then he should then settle on a new hairstyle. Mr. Schmidt is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, percussion, bass and drums.  Primarily influenced by reggae, he holds down the beat without ever missing a chance for improvisation… and his dreads look cool.
Edward Middlecamp
Ed Middlecamp, Keyboard/Drums
Eddie is also a multi-instrumentalist.  Playing guitar, keyboards, drums and bass Eddie is easily the most versatile musician in the group.  Always smiling and having a good time, Eddie’s stage presence is full of life.  His solo’s are on point and he’s never afraid to experiment with a different sound or patch to liven up the groove.
nick headshot
Nick Salsano, Bass
Nick is the newest addition to the Shack.  His playing is DEEP in the pocket.  His solid foundation is the bedrock on which all the new jams are built upon.  Always striving to learn new songs or invent new grooves, Nick has given the band a great new sound and low end punch.
Robin Gualtieri, Vocals
As a backing vocalist Robin gives a great dimension to the band.  Her ability to harmonize on the fly and mimic multiple styles is essential in a band that plays everything from bluegrass to reggae. She also has multiple other projects of her own including a jazz duo and a kirtan band.